About Us

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I started making scrapbooks 15 years ago, and I still love is putting photographs together in a way that they can be remembered, cherished, and protected throughout the years.

Is it odd that I can’t remember the exact moment I switched to making cards?  It’s just like it is exactly what I am meant to be doing!  There is a therapeutic nature with creating, and paper-crafting is what satisfies my soul.

West Coast Boxer Rescue is a way I am able to give back! I want to save them all and have a million dogs- instead I give 5% of profits to support those sweet boxers.


Mark Ghattas is master supporter of I am Mandy Made. He designed our beautiful leaf stamp which you will find on the back of all of your cards. He assists with organization, answering the “Which one do you like better?” question, and keeping me sane. All very important tasks!!


Andy Buckner is an amazing photographer and dog videographer extraordinaire! Check out his website and facebook page to see a few of his amazing shots. They are available for print.


My sister is so creative too! Sometimes she helps me be crafty… but really she likes to come over to take Penny and Oliver to the beach while I’m working my day job. Making sure my pups are taken care of is a very important job! Traci is very talented- she makes amazing fondant cakes (Click here to see some of her amazing cakes!).